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Providing Quality Commercial Laundry Services Across St. John’s

At Franklyn Laundry, we understand the importance of keeping your staff looking professional and presentable at all times. Dirty linen, unclean staff uniforms and wrinkly table cloth can be unsightly and may negatively impact your business. Our team of professionals offers commercial laundry services at fantastic prices for business and professional services. We can provide regular weekly, bi-weekly and monthly ironing and laundry services. We serve restaurants, hotels, Airbnb owners and cafeterias, hospitals, food processing units, doctors offices, dental clinics, along with a number of other businesses that may require laundry services.

Restaurant and Hospitality Laundry Solutions

We pride ourselves on providing quality laundry services. Whether you own a large hotel or simple 2 bedroom guesthouse, we are here to help. We offer bespoke services to all our customers.


You can rely on us to wash and fold the following and more:



Bed linen

Bath towels






Table linens, cloths and napkins

Host and server wear

Bar dish and glass towels

Kitchen wear and uniforms

      Chef’s wear      

      Chef coats

      Cook shirt

      Chef pants


Kitchen rags


Oven mitts

Oversize items

Floor mops and mats

Healthcare and Hospital Laundry Solutions

We offer a wide range of laundry services for hospitals, clinics and all kinds of sanitary establishments. Our team understands that healthcare centres and hospitals must comply with strict hygiene standards and regulations, that is why we offer superior quality laundry and stain removal solutions. We are equipped with modern and quality laundry equipment that are designed to meet the washing needs of the healthcare centres.


We pride ourselves on providing safe, clean and fresh laundry to hospitals, clinics, and doctors’ offices at all times.


Our team can wash and iron:



Bed linen

Bath towels



Oversize items



      Patient gowns

      Lab coats

Laundry Services for Food Processing Units

The food production industry must comply and adhere to all necessary safety and hygiene standards. At Franklyn Laundry, we offer quality laundry services that will help you meet industry standards. We have extensive experience in providing laundry, ironing and folding services for customers in the food industry. From bakeries to cereal manufacturers, butcher shops to catering companies, we offer quality laundry services to all.


Unclean workwear and unsanitary garments may lead to food contamination. It may put your customers' health at risk and may cost you heavily. Our team uses quality detergent formulas and disinfectant procedures to ensure that you receive safe and clean laundry.


Our team can wash and clean:


           Shirts and pants

           Butcher coats

           Wrap coats 


     Kitchen rags and more


Serving Ship and Naval Industry

We offer laundry services to ship owners and the naval industry. Our team understands the importance of clean uniforms and tidy linen in disciplined sectors, that is why we offer high quality and reliable laundry solutions. You can rely on our team to ensure that all your dirty garments are spotlessly clean. We only use premium laundry machines and detergents.


Our team can wash and fold:

Bed linen




Kitchen wears

Oversize items

And more

If you offer commercial services to the residents of Newfoundland and need professional and punctual laundry services, contact us .


Commercial Laundry Services

We offer bespoke laundry services to all our commercial customers.

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